The MediSetter Philosophy

MediSetter is your companion in the medical care selection process – a simple yet comprehensive online platform that helps you find a wide range of care providers based on your exact care needs, research their credentials and capabilities, compare different care providers on key attributes that are important to you and, last but not the least, book appointments with the ones you choose in a simple streamlined manner. We strongly believe that location should not be a constraint when it comes to seeking out the best care. Word-of-mouth is great to rely on when it comes to your local community. But who said you need to be restricted to the confines of your neighborhood, town or city when it comes to exploring the best medical care? And should you even be restricted like a “frog in a well”? We think not. This is your health after all, not just another dine-out option on a Friday night. Yet we are all familiar with how difficult it is to get reliable information and choice on medical facilities outside our geographical comfort zone. And even when we do get information, isn’t it such a pain making inquiries to multiple different email addresses and having to submit your inquiry and personal details through a gazillion different forms just to book an appointment?

MediSetter is designed to take you through this complete medical care discovery process with a few clicks of your cursor. Ample choice of providers, key information on each in a simple standardized format, and a hassle-free way to make inquiries, receive cost estimates and, finally, to book that all-important appointment. And what is more, our booking process is so streamlined that language is not a barrier, should you choose to explore care options in a part of the world that speaks a different tongue from yours – we are starting out with a few language options today but will add more as we go along.

We are working relentlessly to keep improving your medical care discovery and selection experience. And we are driven by a simple core philosophy “You should be able to seek out the best care. No matter where you are or where the provider is”. Whether the best care is to be found down your back alley, in another part of your country or in another country. Location should be no bar. This is your health and you deserve the best you can afford.

Wishing you the best of health,

The MediSetter team