Why Choose MediSetter: If you are a medical care seeker (patient)


We provide access to a large number of clinics and hospitals across a number of countries. Ample choice is the starting point in making the right care decisions and location should not be a constraint. At the same time, we don’t spread ourselves too thin in a bid to cover every nook and cranny of our planet – we recognize that depth of choice within a given geography is just as important as breadth of choice across different geographies.


MediSetter can take you through the complete medical care discovery process with a few clicks of your cursor. We provide a wide choice of providers, key information on each in a simple standardized format, and a hassle-free way to make inquiries, receive cost estimates and, finally, to book appointments. We have carefully designed our platform to enable streamlined communication between you and your shortlisted care provider all the way from making an inquiry to booking an appointment. The process is so structured that language is not a barrier and the risk of miscommunication is reduced to a minimum. What’s more – you can share all your past medical records with your chosen care provider with a few clicks of the button and store them in your online account for a lifetime in a totally secure environment. No need to pay excess baggage for trucking your medical reports around anymore. And no sweat if you misplace them either. What’s more – less paper is better for our planet.

We are totally objective

We are not an agency business. We do not represent a few clinics and do not have cozy relationships with any. We are totally impartial and objective. We are your decision-support partner and believe that, given the right tools and information you can make the right care choices. We provide. You decide.

It’s completely FREE!

You don’t need to pay us a penny – no commission, no fees, nothing! You can use the platform as much as you want and have a life-time account to store your medical records and communication history with care providers for free. We don’t believe in providing a concierge service for a fee. We believe in empowering you to make your own decisions.