Why Choose MediSetter: If you are a medical care provider

Global reach: access to new markets and additional visibility in existing markets

We are like a giant Octopus with tentacles in many different countries. We have care providers listed from multiple geographies and we make our presence known to care seekers from multiple geographies. So, you get instant global visibility and coverage. Today your patients come from a few select geographies but you might be missing out on that one big market of 300 million people who simply don’t come to you because they don’t know you. We make you known to them and help you access these pools of hidden demand. And of course, we also help you deepen your presence and strengthen your brand in markets from which you are already known. So, to cut a long-story short, we enable you to grow your business.

Reduced administrative burden

Managing inbound inquiries and the entire communication process leading up to an appointment booking is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Prospective clients find your phone number or email address on your website, write you an email or call-in. But this first point of contact is totally unstructured. Each patient has his own way of explaining his needs, and especially when people on either side are communicating in a language that is not native to them, interpretation can be a nightmare and miscommunication is rife. Our system standardizes the entire inquiry-to-appointment booking chain through structured communication formats that ensure maximum efficiency, minimum need for interpretation and, consequently, a hugely reduced scope for errors and miscommunication. The structured nature of the process means that the patient can communicate with your administration even if they speak different languages. We have a few language options today but will add more as we go along. So you don’t lose revenue opportunities to miscommunication or language barriers. You also get immediate email alerts for all inbound communication. So you do not need to be logged into our system continuously to benefit from it. Overall, higher conversion on business leads and much lower administrative costs. And last, but not the least, less intangible costs associated with miscommunication and human error.

Built-in appointment scheduling tool

Managing appointment bookings can be troublesome. Calendars are seldom integrated with booking systems and that creates scope for error when checking schedules or manually entering booking details into the calendar. Your online account comes with a built-in appointment scheduling system – appointments booked through our system will automatically flow through into your calendar. Calendars can be managed at a departmental level and you can seamlessly toggle between the calendars for different departments. Appointment bookings can be easily viewed on your calendar with embedded details which can be viewed with a simple mouse-click. And, what’s more – you can manually enter and create appointments in the system as well so you can migrate your entire appointment scheduling system onto our cloud-based tool.

Access to electronic medical records

Patient records, once updated onto the system, will stay there as long as the patient wants. Should your practitioners need to pull up the patient’s records or medical history for any follow-up care or additional treatment, these can be shared with you through system. Much easier than heavy email attachments or, worse still, endless paper trails stored in big box files.