(From: USD 7,170 - Expires on 31-12-2017 )


-        Ovulation-stimulating medications: 10 doses (4,000 units)

-        Injection to hold back ovulation: 5 doses

-        Injection to stimulate ovulation

-        Doctor, nursing, embryologist, and hospital fees

-        Ultrasound

-        Blood tests to check hormone levels as scheduled over an ovulation-stimulating period.

-        Egg collection

-        Recovery room (no more than 3 hours)

-        Anesthesiologist and nursing fees

-        Anesthesia

-        Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

-        Incubation in an embryoscope

3 Stages of this procedure

1.      Ovulation stimulation from the 2nd day of menstruation (upon prescription of medications/injections) –  Price: USD 2,250

2.      Egg collection (prior to an egg collection day) – Price: USD 4,020

3.      Embryo transfer (prior to an embryo transfer day) – Price: USD 900

Terms and Conditions

- The package prices quoted include Government Service Tax (GST)
- The package price is applicable based on a routine case without complications (that is, for non-complicated cases only)
- The package prices quoted are subject to change without prior notice
- Additional procedures or any other medications which are required out of the stipulated items in the package are subject to charges, where applicable.


Customers need to make booking through Medisetter Website (please refer to booking form below).

Booking needs be be made 10 days in advance. Bookings are only considered to be confirmed once payment has been received.
When we receive a booking request through our page, we will email/contact customer for confirmation on booking details and online payment process.
For telephone bookings, please contact our Hotline +84-028.66811670.
If you have any questions please email us at help@medisetter.com or call our Hotline above. 


Online payment

Payment should be made directly to Medisetter via Secure Paypal Credit Card Payment Gateway (2.5% service charges applied by Paypal and be borne by the payer).

When we receive a booking request through our page, we will email the customer an electronic invoice. This invoice email will have a link - when user clicks that link they can enter their credit card details online and make payment through a secure Paypal credit card payment gateway. Once payment is successfully done, we will send the customer a booking confirmation email. 

Validity                  The package is valid till 31st December 2017.

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