SoonChunHyang University Hospital Seoul , 59 Daesagwan-ro, Yongsan-gu
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Languages Spoken
English, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian

Founded in 1974 by Dr. Succ-jo Suh, SoonChunHyang University Medical Center began as SoonChunHyang Hospital with its mission being to improve the public health care of Korea and to foster the spirits of Sincerity, Service and Research. Dr. Suh was determined to build a hometown-like hospital during the 1970s based on the SoonChunHyang spirit of “Respect of Humanity”, which could improve the medical environment. SoonChunHyang Hospital was the first medical corporation in Korea. With the establishment of the SoonChunHyang College of Medicine in 1978, SoonChunHyang Hospital expanded into SoonChunHyang University Medical Center. SoonChunHyang[SCH] University Medical Center has a nationwide network with hospitals in Seoul, Gumi, Cheonan, and Bucheon. Each hospital is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical technologies, combined with experienced staffs who strive to provide high-quality medical care. As the core institution of the SCH Network, SCH Seoul Hospital is the parent organization of SoonChunHyang University and the Medical Center. Currently, SCH Seoul Hospital has 30 medical departments, 704 beds, and 1,600 medical professionals including 172 medical professors, who put forth their best efforts for the betterment of patient treatment, research, and education. To provide the most efficient medical service to patients and minimize their inconvenience, SCH Seoul Hospital has established a One-Stop Medical Service System where variety of medical centers, such as Breast Center, Gastroenterology Center, Kidney center, Heart Center, Vascular Center, Pain Control Center, Spine center, Stem cells Treatment Center, Bariatric Surgery Center, and Korea Maternal & Child Health Center[the very first in Korea] are in operation at all times. SCH Seoul Hospital is located in Hannam-dong, a hub of international business in Korea, with a large concentration of foreign residents, primarily business executives and diplomats. The International Health Care Center in SCH Seoul Hospital has built close relationships with foreign embassies where many of its doctors work as family physicians for ambassadors and their families. Today, SCH Seoul Hospital provides extensive medical services to embassies of 57 countries in Korea. Approximately, 14,000 patients visit the center annually. In 2010, International Health Care Center in SCH Seoul Hospital was selected as a distinguished institution for service to foreign patients. As a first-class hospital leading the way to healthy society, SoonChunHyang University Hospital Seoul promises to open a new era of patient-centered care where our staff members communicate with every patient through the heart, guided by the SoonChunHyang philosophy. All staff members of SoonChunHyang University Hospital Seoul will do their absolute best to treat you promptly and courteously.

Additional Information

Outpatient: 2000 Patients / Day
Inpatient: 704 Beds
Number of nurses: 744
Number of full time doctors: 341
Number of consulting doctors: 172

Specialized centers: 18
Emergency service: 24 Hours
Imaging Service: 24 Hours
64 Slices CT Scanner
Minimally-invasive surgery
Operating theaters: 13
Intensive care units(ICU): 36
Hotel call/hotel refer service: 12 Hours
CyberKnife Robotic Radio Surgery System
Certified Electronic Health Records System
Specialist Centers
Treatments Offered
List of doctors
Number of Doctors Listed: 5
Name Qualification Specialty Super specialty
MIN HYUK LEE Ph.D, M.S, M.D, General Surgery Breast Surgery,Surgical Oncology (cancerous tumor removal) View
KYUNG YUL HUR Ph.D,M.S,M.D General Surgery Colorectal surgery,Stomach Surgery,Appendectomy (appendix removal surgery),Gallbladder Removal Surgery (Cholecystectomy),Pancreas Surgery View
YONG JIN KIM Ph.D,M.S,M.D General Surgery Surgical Oncology (cancerous tumor removal),Stomach Surgery View
DONG WON BYUN Ph.D,M.S,M.D Endocrinology Diabetes Mellitus treatment,Hyperparathyroidism treatment,Osteoporosis treatment - Hormonal therapy,Thyroid disorders treatment View
YOU SUNG SUH Ph.D, M.S, M.D Orthopaedic Hip Surgery,Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome Treatment View
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