Times City, 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung
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Located in the modern and high-class Times City Urban Complex, Vinmec Times City International Hospital covers an area of over 24.670m2, including 2 basements and 7 floors with modern and exclusive surroundings, convenient for transportation. Vinmec Times City International Hospital has 600 inpatient beds, 32 departments with major investment in facilities and medical equipment. With its leading faculty of doctors and experts from Vietnam and oversea with high expertise and experience, Vinmec attempts to become the leading hospital in Vietnam for both quality and technology, as well as achieve the highest international accreditation for quality management and patient safety. Vinmec Times City is the first general international hospital in Vietnam to achieve JCI accreditation - the world leading accreditation in healthcare services quality evaluation recognized in over 90 countries and is considered the "gold standard" at many prestigious hospitals worldwide.

Additional Information

Inpatient: 600 Beds

Emergency service: 24 Hours
Intensive care units(ICU): 1
Specialist Centers
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology Center (1 procedures)
    • Vinmec’s Assisted Reproductive Technology Center is the most modern center in Vietnam which was built and applied a treatment process combining extensive examinations, both andrology and gynecology to deliver the optimal scheme for each patient. Assisted Reproductive Technology Center (ART Center) is located on 4th floor, besides Vinmec Stem Cell Center, so it is very convenient for consulting and diagnosing genetic diseases. The Center also brings together a team of leading experts in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology in Vietnam and internationally, who were trained in the leading centers in the US, Singapore, Japan, Australia,... and the prestigious ART Centers worldwide. The team of experts at Vinmec ART Center has had many years of experience in assisted reproduction and often update about assisted reproduction domestically and internationally. Vinmec Assisted Reproductive Technology Center (ART Center) is equipped with the most modern equipment systems in Vietnam, especially the clean rooms system which has been tested and certified to meet international standards together with advanced mini-incubators system, contributing to improve the success of IVF cycles. Vinmec Assisted Reproductive Technology Center provides the following services: (1) Health check and counseling on reproductive health for couples before marriage and prepare to have children. (2) Check and counsel on infertility: the Center provides services from simple to complex technologies namely IVF, frozen crystals, frozen embryos, give-take ova... (3) Health check and counseling for andrological diseases

    • Procedures
    • Fertility Treatment
  • Treatment and Consultation of Mental Illness and Autism Center (2 procedures)
    • With the hope to provide better mental care for adults and children, in 5th May, 2014 Vinmec International Hospital’s Center of Treatment and Consultation of Mental Illnesses and Autism officially went into operation. Center of Treatment and Consultation of Mental Illnesses and Autism offers following services: (1) Exam and perform psychological evaluation for children with autism, speech delay, hyperactivity, intellectual delay, emotional behavioral disorders... (2) Outpatient treatment and psychological intervention for children with autism, speech delay, hyperactivity. (3) Evaluation, consultation and outpatient treatment for adults with disorders of anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, PTSD, cancer, infertility, elderly….

    • Procedures
    • Developmental and behavioral pediatrics
    • Neuropsychology (central nervous system and behavior treatment)
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Number of Doctors Listed: 4
Name Qualification Specialty Super specialty
Nguyen Thanh Liem Professor, PhD Children's Medicine (Pediatrics) - View
Do Tat Cuong Assoc Prof, PhD General Surgery - View
Phan Quynh Lan PhD General Medicine - View
Phung Nam Lam MD, PhD General Medicine - View
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