1, Jalan Pangkor, Jalan Pangkor, Penang
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Languages Spoken
English, Arabic, Bahasa Malay

The Gleneagles Medical Centre is the pioneer private hospital in Penang. It is owned and managed by the Parkway Holdings Limited which operates other hospitals in neighboring countries. It is an acute care general hospital which specializes in a wide range of medical areas and equips advanced facilities. It has been in service since 1973, and continues to provide quality care to both local and international patients until now. The Gleneagles Medical Centre Penang has undergone complete renovation from 1996 until 2000 which gave way for them to render the latest facilities for the best delivery of healthcare services. It is the first in the region to be awarded a three year full accreditation status by the Malaysian Society for Quality Health.The Gleneagles Medical Centre has a total of 212 beds hospital-wide. There are over 40 professional doctors in the hospital designated in various specialty areas. The hospital offers foreign patient services which assists international patients and special packages for elderly people, pregnant women, and people seeking executive health screening programs.

Additional Information

Inpatient: 212 Beds
Number of consulting doctors: 70

Emergency service: 24 Hours
640 Slices CT Scanner
Operating theaters: 10
Specialist Centers
Treatments Offered
List of doctors
Number of Doctors Listed: 60
Name Qualification Specialty Super specialty
Datin Dr. Ong Mei Lin MBBS(Mal), FRCP(Lond), FRCP(Edin), FRCP(Glasg), FCCP, FESC, FACC, FAsCC, FNHAM, AM Heart & Vascular (Cardiology) Trans-thoracic Echocardiogram View
Mr. S P Palaniappan MBBS(Madras), DLO(Eng), FRCS(Edin) Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) View
Dr. Lim Yean Cheant MBChB (Dundee), MRCP (UK), MRCP (Gastroenterology), MAGA (USA) Stomach & Digestive System (Gastroentrology) - View
Mr. Vimal K. Vasudeavan MBBS(India), MS. GENERAL SURGERY(UKM), FMAS(LAPAROSCOPY)(India) General Surgery - View
Dr. P. Srinivas MBBS(Mysore), FRCP(Ire), FCCP(USA), AM General Medicine - View
Dr. Lim Su Hong MD (USM), MRCP (UK), M MED (Int Med)(S'pore), AM Hematology - View
Dr. Sim Bee Fung MBBS(Malaya), MRCP(UK) Brain & Nerves (Neurology) Electroencephalogram (EEG),Electromyogram (EMG) View
Dr. Jonathan Choon Siew Cheong MB BCh(Ire), LRCP & S(Ire), FRCOphth(UK) Ophthalmology (Eye Health) - View
Dr. P.K. Ramasamy PJK, MBBS(Madras), FRCP(Edin), AM Children's Medicine (Pediatrics) - View
Dr. Ooi Chong Chien MBBS (Mal), MRCS (Edin), M. SURGERY (UM), FRCS [Urology] (Glasgow), MALAYSIAN BOARD OF UROLOGY CERTIFIED Urinary & Reproductive System (Urology) - View
Dr. Ong Choo Khoon MD (USM), MRCP (UK), MMed (Singapore) Fellowship in Respiratory Medicine (MOH) Pulmonology (Respiratory Medicine) - View
Mr. Oh Ewe Lik MBBS(Mal), FRCS(Edin) Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) - View
Dato' Dr Pua Kin Choo DSPN, MBBS(Delhi), MS ORL(Malaya), Fellowship Head & Neck Oncology(Pittsburgh) Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) - View
Dr. Ooi Eng Keat MBBS(Queensland), FRACP, MAGA(USA), AM Stomach & Digestive System (Gastroentrology) - View
Mr. Heah Sieu Ghnee LRCP & S(Ire), DCH, FRCS(Ire) General Surgery Surgical Oncology (cancerous tumor removal) View
Mr. Soon Lean Ee BCK, MBBS(S'pore), FRACS, FICS, AM (Laparoscopic Surgery) General Surgery - View
Mr. Khoo Saye Thiam MBBS(Lond), LMSSA, FRCS (Eng) (With special Interest in Laparoscopic Surgery) General Surgery - View
Dr. Buvanesvaran Tachina Moorthi MBBS(Mal), MS(UKM), MRCS(IRE), Fellowship in Colorectal Surgery (HULL,ENG) General Surgery Colorectal surgery View
Mr. Shaun Khoo Boo Hock MD(Canada), General Surgery(MSU)(USA), FACS, Fellowship in Surgical Oncology (USA) General Surgery Surgical Oncology (cancerous tumor removal) View
Dr. Leong Kin Wah MBBS(Mal), FRCP(UK), DipRCPath(Haem)(UK), AM Hematology - View
Dr (Ms) Teh Yew Ching MD(Canada), FACS General Surgery Breast Surgery View
Dr. Sathindren Santhirathelagan MBBS(Mangalore), MRCP (UK) Clinical Fellow (Western General Stroke & Neurology Centre, Edin.) , CMIA Brain & Nerves (Neurology) - View
Mr. B Gunasekaran DJN, KMN, PKT, MBBS, FRACS(Neurosurgery) Brain & Nerves (Neurology) - View
Dr. Vivian Gong Hee Ming MBBS (Mangalore), FRCS (Edin), MS. Ophthalmology (UKM) Ophthalmology (Eye Health) - View
Mr. M Shunmugam MBBS(Mal), FRCS(Edin), FRCS(Glasg), FICS, MCh Orth(L’pool) Orthopaedic - View
Col. (R) Mr. Vejayan Rajoo MBBS(Mal), MS Orth(UKM)(with special interest in Sport Medicine) Sports Medicine - View
Mr. Chan Kok Yu MBBS(Mal), MS Orth(UM) (Arthroplasty & Sports Surgery) Orthopaedic Knee Surgery,Hip Surgery,Shoulder Surgery View
Mr. Mohana Rao MBBS(Karachi), M Med Orth(USM)(with special interest in Foot & Ankle Surgery) Orthopaedic Foot and ankle surgery View
Mr. Ong Kim Poh MBBS(Mal), MS Ortho(UKM), FRCS(Edin), FHMS(Hand Surgery)(USA), Dip Hand Surgery(EU), AM Orthopaedic Hand Surgery View
Mr. K Parameshwaran MBBS(Mal), MS Ortho(Mal) Orthopaedic Spine Surgery View
Mr. Khoo Eng Hooi MD(UKM), MS Ortho(UM), Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon (with special interest in spinal surgery) Orthopaedic Spine Surgery View
Dr. Jessica C G Tan MB ChB(Dundee), DCH(Glasg), MRCP(UK) Children's Medicine (Pediatrics) - View
Dr. Chiah Cheun Hui MD(UKM), MRCPCH(UK), Dip Family Practice Dermatologu(S’pore) Children's Medicine (Pediatrics) - View
Dr. Khamini A/P Ramanujam MBBS (Manipal), MRCPCH (UK) Children's Medicine (Pediatrics) - View
Mr. Nadesh Sithasanan MBBS(India), FRCS(Edin), FRCS(Paed. Surgery, UK) Children's Medicine (Pediatrics) - View
Mr. Timothy Khor MB BCh(Wales), FRCS(Ire), FICS, AM Urinary & Reproductive System (Urology) - View
Mdm. Sherine Ann Selvarajah BSc.Psyc.(Leeds,UK), MSc.Devl.Psyc.(Herts, UK) Children's Medicine (Pediatrics) Developmental and behavioral pediatrics View
Dr. Zasmani Shafiee PKT, MBBS(Mal), M Med(Psychiatry)(UKM), Dip Child & Adolescent Psychiatry(Lond) Children's Medicine (Pediatrics) - View
Dr. Chong Yew Tong MD(USM), MRCP(UK), Adv M Derm(UKM), AM Dermatology - View
Dr. Vasanthie a/p Balakrishnan BBS(Bangalore), MS Ortho(UKM) (with special interest in Paediatric Orthopaedic) Orthopaedic - View
Dato' Dr. (Ms) Lim Lay Hooi DSPN, DJN, MBBS(Malaya), FRCS(Edin), AM, FRACS(Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) Plastic Surgery - View
Dr. Ooi Kah Chuan PJK, MBBS, FRCOG(Lond), FRACOG, AM Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN) - View
Dr. (Mrs.) Gan Kam Ling MBBS(S’pore), FRCOG(Lond) Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN) - View
Dr. (Mdm.) Yeoh Chee Lim MB ChB(Aberdeen), MRCOG(Lond), MRACOG, Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN) - View
Dr. Somaskandar Sivasuntharam MBBS(Mang), Dip.Rep.Med.(Mal),M Med[O&G](Mal),AM (with special interest in Reproductive Medicine Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN) - View
Dato' Dr. See Ewe Beng DSPN, MBBS(Mal), FRCOG(London) Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN) - View
Mr. Yoong Meow Foong MBBS (Malaya), FRCS (Glasg), FRACS (Neurosurgery) Brain & Nerves (Neurology) Neurological Surgery View
Mr. K Ravindran Katheerayson MD(USM), FRCS(Ire) Brain & Nerves (Neurology) - View
Dato’ Dr. Adel Zaatar DSPN, PKT, MB Bch (Cairo), DMRT (Cairo), DMRO (London), AM Cancer (Oncology) - View
Dr. M. Amir Shah PJK, MB ChB (UK), FRCR (UK), FFRRCSI (Ire), AM Cancer (Oncology) - View
Prof Dr. Amir S Khir MB ChB(Edin), MRCP(UK), FRCP(Edin), FRCP(Ire), Dmed(hc NUI) Endocrinology Thyroid disorders treatment View
Dr. Lim Shueh Lin MBBS(Melbourne), FRCP(Edin), AM Endocrinology - View
Dato' Dr. Lai Yoon Kee DSPN, DJN, MBBS(Mal), FRCS(Edin), FRCOphth, DO(Ire) Ophthalmology (Eye Health) - View
Dr. Lee Li Ching MBBS (Aust), MRCP (UK) Heart & Vascular (Cardiology) - View
Dr. Rajesh P. Shah PKT, MBBS(S'pore), M Med(Int.Med.)(S'pore), FNHAM, FAMS(Cardiology), FRCP(Edin,UK), FESC(Eu), FACC(USA) AM Heart & Vascular (Cardiology) - View
Dato' Dr. Simon Lo DSPN, PKT, MB BCh(Wales), MD(Cardiology)(Cardiff), FRCP(Lond), FRCP(Edin),FNHAM, FESC, FACC, FSCAI, AM Heart & Vascular (Cardiology) - View
Dr. Neoh Eu Rick MBBS(Hons) Belgaum, MRCP(UK), M Med(Int.Med.) S’pore Heart & Vascular (Cardiology) - View
Dr. Gan Hwa Wooi MBBS (Mal), MRCP (UK), FAMS (Cardiology), FTRI (Taiwan), ACSM CES, FAPSIC, FESC, AM Heart & Vascular (Cardiology) - View
Dr. Saravanan Krishinan MBBS(Mal), MRCP(Ire), Fellowship in EP Hyderabad, Dip. Vocational Draduate in Electrophysiology(Aust) Heart & Vascular (Cardiology) Electrophysiological Study View
Dr. Suresh Kumarasamy MBBS(Mysore), MObGyn(Mal), FRCOG(Lond),FRCP(Ire), AM Cancer (Oncology) - View
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