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Advice about plastic surgery


Have you had aesthetic plastic surgery? I think of trying, because I have some spots on my face, which appeared when I was sixteen years of age. I searched for clinics all over the web and Botox San Francisco seems most reliable to me for now. Do you have any suggestions?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.




Hi Clint,

For plastic surgery and aesthetic treatment in general, you may consider having the treatment at one of leading plastic surgery hospitals/clinics in South Korea where the treatment cost is reasonable and the quality has been assured. These hospitals receive and provide treatment for many international patients from all around the world each year with no incident being known.
You can search for and send your enquiry/book the appointment with one or some of these reputed hospitals/clinics in here:

Medical travel and plastic surgery travel have become more and more popular. You can combine your treatment with a joyful holiday in South Korea.

Hope this helps.