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Buccal fat removal

I would like to know more about buccal fat removal. I have a round face, there’s a large amount of fat in my face. If I have my buccal fat removed from the side of my cheeks, would that make my face look slimmer?

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Hi, there are several methods to achieve a slimmer looking lower 1/3rd face/ jawline. Masseter Reduction is one of the minimal invasive methods. It is done by injecting Botulinum Toxin (eg; BOTOX) over masseter muscle which are located at the lower muscle of the face. The Botox can help shrink the muscle thus looking slimmer face. Another minimal invasive method is to inject lipolysis solution to melt down the fats over the jowl area. You will be able to achieve very good results by combining these 2 methods. I hope this information is useful for you and please feel free to ask me if you have further questions at enquiry@laurentbleu.com or edmondng@laurentbleu.com