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Mitral regurgitation treatment

My son is 3 years old and has just been diagnosed with mitral regurgitation. He has difficulties in breathing whenever he involves in physical activities but that doesn’t happen very often. I’m seeking available medical treatments for my son’s condition...


Rapid heartbeat

I easily get nervous and my heart beats at a much faster rate. Is that a sign of a heart issue? I had check-ups in Vietnam but there was no conclusion of any medical issue that needs immediate treatment....

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ECG, Echocardiogramme and Stress test

What are the differences in the purpose of doing ECG, Echocardiogramme and Stress test? To identify if I have any heart issue, do I need to take all thee tests or can I select one or two only?...

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Heart valves replacement

I'm in Vietnam and looking for heart valves replacement surgery overseas. Can you give me the treatment cost, days of hospitalization and length of stay (including the final check-up)? Appreciate your help....

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My husband is 40, he usually has throbbing pain in his left chest. I'm worried that he's got a cardiological problem, so I want to find a qualified hospital in Korea and take my husband there for a consultation. Can...

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