v-line face

V-Line Face Contouring Surgery

A symmetric V-shaped face is attractive and makes the face look more youthful. V-Line face surgery is a technique to restructure the jaw of a patient to a V-shape which makes the patient look younger and more feminine. The goal of a V-Line surgery is to change the look of the face from strong and masculine to soft and sophisticated. The procedure generally involves simultaneously shaping up of the chin and the jaw to have a smooth and soft line on the face from below the ears to the tip of the chin.

What is V-Line Face Contouring?

Each person has unique facial features. Some people have broad jaws or weak chin, long or short faces. These asymmetric features make the face look older and more masculine. This is when a patient looks forward to having a V-Line Face Contouring surgery which focuses on making the jaw line narrower and reshaping the chin to give more prominence on the bottom part of the face. This surgery takes into account the three critical issues in the lower part of the face:

  • The angles of the jaw
  • The body of the mandible
  • The shape of the chin

The surgery also benefits in tightening the face by minimizing the sagging of the jawlines.


A doctor would spend substantial time with the patient to understand the anatomy of the patient and would make an extensive plan to design and customize the shape of the chin and the jaw. Most of the doctors use imaging technology to give an idea to the patient on how the final result of the surgery would look. V-line procedure helps to reduce the volume of the angular square jaw and shape the length and width of the front chin.

To address the three critical issues, the doctor would recommend to reduce the angle of the jaws, to reduce the size of the mandible to give a softer look and augment or reduce the chin depending on each patient’s need. However the procedure is planned and customized as per the patient’s requirement. It also depends on the fact on any previous history of surgery done on the patient. For example if the patient has previously done procedure of genioplasty by inserting chin implants, for the V-Line procedure the implants have to be removed before the surgery.

Let us understand the steps involved in the surgery:

  • Firstly the doctor will make few incisions inside the mouth between the gum and the cheek to work on the jawbone.
  • Through the incision the procedure starts with cutting and removing the bones on the angular part on the sides of the face.
  • After working on the desired jawline, the doctor will stitch the incision with the help of dissolvable stitches inside the mouth.
  • After this the doctor would focus on the chin. He would make incision on the jawline in the mouth through which the bone and tissues will be reshaped to give softer chin. This procedure is done cautiously to avoid any damage of the facial nerves.
  • After the chin has been reshaped, the length of the mandible is cut accordingly to reduce the mandible angles.
  • Doctor focuses now on narrowing the lower jaw to complete the V- Line look. Here as well the incision will be closed with dissolvable stitches.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia. It normally takes around 2 hours. Ideally the doctor recommends the patient to be discharged the following day after the surgery.

Who are the eligible candidates for the procedure?

Patients who are unhappy with their chins and jaws look forward to the V-line contouring surgery. The following are popular reasons for candidates to opt for this:

  • Candidates whose lower part of the face looks more masculine
  • Those who have a wide chin
  • Those who have a round or U-shaped chin
  • Those who have angular chin
  • Those who have big jaws


There would be bruising and swelling soon after the surgery. This will start to subside after the first 2 days. Though the patient might see positive development towards recovery within couple of weeks however it takes almost 2 months to recover completely. It is advisable to be careful and restrain from any outdoor activities.

Doctors also recommend to eat soft food for the first couple of weeks.

The stitches will dissolve within 7 days.

V- Line revision surgery

Sometimes the result of the V-Line surgery done previously doesn’t give the expected result. Probably the previously done V-Line surgery didn’t soften the wide jaw or the reshaped chin is still looking prominent due to the existing double chin. All these could lead to the frustration of the patient who would like to go for a revision V-Line surgery.

The doctor recommends that the patient should be completely recovered from the previous surgery before any further procedure. Also only after complete recovery when the swelling and bruising has come down, one can see the final result of the previous surgery. This is also true in case of candidate who have previously done genioplasty by inserting implants in the chin.