save money on prescription drugs

Save Money on Prescription Drugs in the United States

Most of us in the United States would love to save money on prescription drugs if we could.

In many cases, the healthcare system in the United States burdens Americans who have chronic medical conditions with an impossibly high recurring cost of medication.  Any individual that is uninsured or does not have high quality insurance that covers the cost of their prescription drugs may face financial hardships if a medical issue unfortunately occurs.  In some cases, individuals may not have to travel outside the United States or order prescription drugs from another country. However, it is crucial to always check all available options to find the lowest cost option even if you are insured, as the traditional route is too expensive in many cases.

Americans are paying too much for prescription drugs

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Americans spend about $1,200 on prescription drugs per year, which is more than other people pay in other developed countries.  The price for the top 20 prescription drugs in the US is three times higher than in Britain according to Reuters and six times higher than drugs in Brazil.   Moreover, Express Scripts notes that the price for the top brand name drugs in the US jumped by 127% between 2008-2014 compared to the mere 11% rise in a basket of common household goods. The rising cost of drugs has significantly outpaced inflation in the US, which has continued to put a strain on the population, especially those without health insurance. While this may not be an issue if someone has a minor medical issue, further complex issues such as hepatitis C could take a toll on someone’s finances if they relied solely on the United States healthcare system to provide a solution.  A bloomberg article in 2015 noted how one patient travelled all the way to India to purchase a drug used to treat hepatitis C at roughly 1% of the cost.  The cost discrepancies are massive and this has led many people to turn to other markets to find solutions because their own country’s medical system has failed to adequately provide the necessary services at a reasonable cost.  Luckily, there are a large number of global markets that can allow customers in the US to save money on prescription drugs.

How to save money on prescription drugs within the United States

The mispriced nature of pharmaceutical products has led to the emergence of Canadian imported drugs, as we mentioned in our previous blog post.  However, finding a solution within the United States is ideal when applicable, since dealing with a medical issue on its own is more than enough. While flying to  countries such as India and Thailand would result in massive savings on complex, higher cost drugs and surgeries ( ie. hep c drugs, heart bypass surgery, knee replacement surgery),  the cheapest option could also be available in the US in some cases. Furthermore, customers may feel more comfortable paying slightly more for a product from the United States, as ordering medication from a foreign country while also dealing with a serious medical issue can certainly be stressful.

save money on prescription drugs

If purchasing pharmaceutical products from markets such as Canada or India does not meet your criteria, one solution is to check out companies in the United States such as Honeybee Health.  Honeybee Health is a licensed US pharmacy that is required by law to purchase drugs from licensed US distributors.  The company allows customers to purchase generic prescription drugs at an extremely low price and I observed that some of its customers stated in reviews that this option was more viable than purchasing drugs from Canada in some cases.  The company accepts faxed in prescriptions from a US doctor and is then able to mail prescription drugs to its customers.

Price Comparison

Drug Cost from Canada Cost from Honeybee Health
Cialis $128 for 28 2.5mg tablets $75 for 30 2.5mg tablets
Abilify $115 for 28 5mg tablets $13 for 30 2mg tablets
Zetia $66 for 28 10mg tablets $9 for 30 10mg tablets
Celebrex $54.40 for 60 100mg capsules $9 for 30 50mg tablets

Source: Canada Drugs Direct/Honey Bee Health ( Honey Bee Healthcare products are generic drugs)

Honey Bee Health is the ideal choice for customers that are willing to purchase generic drugs from the United States, as the cost is extremely low.  Honeybee Health’s products are also much cheaper compared to that of other pharmacies in the United States and customers can even save compared to the rates they pay when using insurance.  Below are some of the prices mentioned on the company’s website:

  • 3 month supply of Glimepiride costs $19.33 compared to around $59 with insurance.
  • 3 month supply of Metoprolol Succ costs $23 compared to around $31 with insurance.
  • Overall, customers were able to save 70% on drug costs based on a basket of 7 different drugs.

Conclusion: domestic solutions in the US can help you save money on prescription drugs even if you are insured or if you currently order drugs from Canada

Ideally, one would have health insurance that covered enough of the cost of prescription drugs so that it did not financially burden the individual.  Moreover, one would naturally assume that buying medication with insurance is the best route, though this is not always the case. Thankfully, select companies in the United States are innovating and beginning to be more transparent, which bodes well for consumers that have been heavily burdened by soaring pharmaceutical costs.  If you are worried about the cost of your prescription drugs, check out companies like Honeybee Health to see if you can save money on prescription drugs. Moreover, if you are currently buying prescription drugs from Canada, you may be able to save even more by checking out companies in the United States.