V-line face

Are You The Right Candidate For V-line Face Surgery?

Is V-line face surgery suitable for you? This is a subjective question as the perception or interpretation of beauty varies from culture to culture. In some parts of the world, rounder faces on women are considered to be pretty and feminine while in other regions, longer and narrower faces are preferred. So the first question to ask yourself is: what are my objectives?

If having a V-shaped face appeals to your own sense of beauty, then the next step is to understand what can be realistically achieved with a V-line surgery given your existing facial structure and underlying anatomy. Generally, you should have at least a few of the following characteristics to qualify for V-line face contouring surgery:

facial6-21. You have wide face:

Wide faces are usually a result of high cheek bones, particularly in ethnic Asian populations. A V-line face surgery can help you shave down some of this bone under your cheeks to achieve a more slender looking mid-face. However, it is critical to determine first whether your face is wide due to the underlying bone structure or whether this is a result of fat deposits or facial bloating due to an underlying condition or disease. V-line face surgery can only really help in the case that a heavy bone structure is contributing to a wide face.

2. You have a square jaw or a double jaw:

A square jaw can contribute to an overtly wide lower face, making a person look more masculine. V-line face surgery can help shave the jawbone to make the jaw more slender. Also, the jaw is shaved in a manner to achieve the optimum angle at which the jawlines meet at the chin. Typically, jaw surgery is conducted together with chin reshaping as the two features are highly interrelated.


3. You have a short face or a big chin:

If you have a short face, then chin reshaping together with jaw reshaping can help make the face look longer and more slender. Chin augmentation, in particular, can help make the chin slightly longer in those with short chins, thereby actually increasing the length of the face. In those with big or bulky chins, the chin can be de-bulked and made more refined by shaving the underlying bone and removing excess soft tissue. Even if the chin is not actually made longer, more refined jaw lines culminating in a fine point at the chin can actually make the face appear longer.


If you do not have any of the above facial attributes currently, you should reconsider your decision to undergo V-line face surgery as the surgeon will be unable to make a meaningful difference to your facial shape without taking any undue risks.