Mini V-Line surgery

How Mini V-Line Surgery Can Help Achieve A Dainty, Refined Look

A V-Line surgery is now becoming more mainstream thanks to the surging popularity of Korean drama and film. Korean plastic surgeons have really perfected the art of performing V-Line surgery and have brought it into the mainstream. But what about a Mini V-Line surgery?

How does a Mini V-Line surgery differ from a regular V-line surgery?

A regular V-Line surgery involves reshaping the chin and reducing the mandible (lower jaw) angles to bring a more feminine look to the lower part of the face. In cases, wherein the mandible angles are fine but the jaw lines do not culminate in a nice point at the chin, the plastic surgeon could suggest what is known as a “Mini V-Line surgery” to narrow the frontal portion of the jaws and chin only, instead of the entire jaw as is done in a regular V-Line surgery. This is clearly less invasive and extensive than a regular V-line surgery thereby minimizing down-time and even risks associated with the surgery.

How is a Mini V-Line surgery carried out?

Through a process called T-osteotomy, the plastic surgeon makes a T-shaped cut to the frontal portion of the jaw and the chin bone and then puts the cut bone back together to make the chin slimmer and more dainty in appearance.

  • The T-osteotomy is conducted on the chin bone. This is done carefully to avoid damaging the nerves.
  • First, the chin bone is cut.
  • The cut out middle piece of the bone is removed.
  • Then the 2 remaining pieces of bone on either side of the removed section of bone are brought together and are fixed in the center.
  • The sides are trimmed to avoid any protrusion of the bones and to keep the chin line smooth and aligned with the overall mandibular angles. This is how the frontal V-Line is formed.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia. This simple surgery on the front chin takes about 30 minutes. The patient can be discharged from the hospital after the surgery on the same day and hospitalization is not required. Stitches take around a week to dissolve however the recovery process will start in couple of days and the patient can return to work in around 2-3 days after the procedure.


Mini V-Line surgery


What are the benefits of a Mini V-Line surgery over a regular V-Line surgery?

  • Less Trauma and pain: A Mini V-Line surgery is less invasive than a regular V-Line surgery as it only targets the chin bone, thereby causing lower trauma to the patient
  • No hospitalization: typically, a Mini V-Line surgery is a pure outpatient procedure whereas a couple of nights of hospitalization is recommended after a regular V-Line surgery.
  • Less surgery time: Because it is less complicated and invasive than a regular V-Line surgery, a Mini V-Line surgery takes less time (only 30 minutes versus several hours for a regular V-Line surgery)
  • Quicker recovery: The patient can return to a more-or-less normal routine just 2-3 days after the surgery as opposed to several weeks for a regular V-Line surgery. Bruising and swelling are also less in degree and persist for much shorter periods in a Mini V-Line surgery.
  • Less risk of nerve damage: Since the surgery is done on the tip of the chin, the possibility of damaging the facial nerves is minimal.
  • It is less expensive: Being less complicated and extensive, a Mini V-Line surgery in South Korea would cost between USD 2,000 – 3,000, less than half of the cost of a regular V-Line surgery.

For candidates who have otherwise well-shaped jaws and mandible angles but for whom a dull or bulky chin detracts from a V-Line face shape, an extensive regular V-Line Surgery is unnecessary and a Mini V-Line surgery can lend a more natural look to the face than complete reshaping of the jaws.

mini v-line before and after


What makes you a good candidate for Mini V-Line surgery?

If you have any one of the following characteristics, then you might want to consider this surgery:

  • You do not have square jaws but have a blunt, roundish or bulky chin.
  • You have an overtly short, long, asymmetric or protruding chin.
  • You have previously undergone a V-Line surgery but are not happy with the result.
  • You want a V-line face but have limited time to spare for a recovery and want to limit pain and bruising.

What are the risks of Mini V-Line surgery?

Even though Mini V-Line surgery is less invasive and complicated than a regular V-Line surgery, it is still a surgical procedure and comes with its share of risks.  Nerve damage can occur during the surgery although with a much lower probability than in a regular V-line surgery. Post-operative problems like sagging of soft tissues or infection and neurosensory loss or facial paralysis are rare but can occur.

To avoid such complications, it is important to choose an accredited and reputed plastic surgeon who specializes in facial contouring and has previously handled cases of Mini V-Line surgery. It is also important to openly discuss the risks and expectations from the surgery. The Mini V-Line surgery produces more subtle results than a regular V-Line surgery and, hence, it is very important to have realistic goals.