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How Hip Replacement Surgery in Asia can save you lots of money

The total hip replacement surgery (also known as hip arthroplasty) is a very common and expensive procedure for people living in the United States.  Around 400,000 people have this surgery performed every year and this number is poised to increase in the future, as people are increasingly having this surgery performed at a younger age. 

The cost of a hip replacement surgery is around $40,000, so people in the United States should consequently consider global options if they have to pay out of pocket. Hospitals in our network in Thailand and India are able to perform this surgery at a substantially lower cost, which can benefit Americans that are either uninsured or have low quality insurance plans. 

According to RVO, the cost of a hip replacement surgery is around $4,000-12,000 in various emerging Asian countries, which is roughly 70-90% lower than what it costs in the United States. Americans should consequently consider options offered by accredited hospitals in Asia.

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Hip Replacement Surgery is very common in the United States

The hip replacement surgery is a very common surgery in the United States and people are increasingly beginning to have this surgery performed at a younger age.  

According to BCBS, spending to treat all types of orthopedic pain accounts for 14% of overall healthcare spending ( for BCBS members and based on data from 2010-2017).  Notably, the main driver for this spending has included hip and knee replacement surgeries, which are on the rise in the United States.


Americans have begun having many types of joint replacement surgery, including hip replacement surgeries, at much younger ages now (sometimes as early as 40 years old). The increase in the amount of surgeries and drop in the average age of patients having these surgeries reflects factors such as increased obesity, rising longevity and the desire of older people to continue maintaining an active lifestyle.  

The total hip replacement surgery surgery is typically performed on elderly people (average age of 68) and is performed to relieve pain and mobility issues that are caused by arthritis, fractures and other conditions.  The vast majority of these surgeries are performed to relieve the symptoms of hip arthritis, though it is also performed after certain injuries. Patients are typically required to stay in the hospital for four days after the surgery in order to fully recover.

Asia offers inexpensive Hip Replacement Surgery options

The cost of a hip replacement surgery varies significantly from hospital to hospital but options available in Asia are certainly much cheaper for virtually all cases.  The cost of a hip replacement surgery is around $40,000 according to Blue Shield Cross, although this can vary depending on the hospital that performs the surgery.  This surgery is typically covered by insurance and uninsured patients only have a few options for getting this surgery performed at a discount.  Out-of-pocket expenses on this procedure for insured patients usually amounts to a couple of thousand dollars and, hence, medical travel is not necessary for Americans who have high quality health insurance plans.

If you do not have insurance or if your insurance will not cover the cost of this surgery, it is best to consider options that are available in Asian countries like Thailand and India, both of which have reputed medical centers of excellence.  Americans traveling to either of these countries for hip replacement surgery could end up saving 75-80% on total expenses, even accounting for the the cost of traveling and accommodation. 

Hospitals in countries such as Thailand are very accustomed to having American patients come for advanced surgeries  and even offer special services such as free transportation and even arranging hotel accommodations. It is not uncommon for JCI accredited hospitals in Asia to receive hundreds of thousands of patients from all over the world every year, including the United States and, hence, they are well equipped to serve the needs of Western patients.

India is an even better low cost destination and already receives a large number of American patients for various orthopedic surgeries.  Americans only need to spend around $6,000-7,000 to have a hip replacement surgery performed at a JCI-accredited hospital in India, including the cost of flights and accommodation. This is roughly half of the cost of the procedure at JCI accredited hospitals in Thailand.  The unique combination of low costs and high quality offered by JCI-accredited hospitals in India has made it a mecca for costly but common surgical procedures such as knee replacement, heart bypass and hip replacement surgeries for Americans.

If your doctor in the United States recommends hip replacement surgery and you are concerned about the high cost the surgery, it is crucial to examine options in emerging Asia.  Our online medical booking portal can put you in touch with multiple hospitals in Thailand and India and help you obtain a treatment plan and cost estimate for free.