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Can Hair Extensions Give You Thick, Natural-Looking Hair?

When you see celebrities flaunting thick, long and luscious hair, you must wonder how they manage to take such good care of their hair even when their hair is prone to such tremendous damage due to their punishing routines and lifestyles. You must also wonder why you are not able to achieve such brilliant results despite taking such good care and spending so much on expensive hair products and treatments.   hair extensions

Those beautiful locks of hair on celebrity heads looks so natural that you simply can’t detect that it is not their own. So, it probably never even cross your mind that those beautiful hair on celebrity heads might not be all natural.

But is that possible? Could something exist that gave you such natural looking beautiful hair?

Well, the answer is yes. Hair extensions are here to fulfill your dream of getting thick and long hair in a matter of hours and you too might be amazed about how natural they are likely to look even though they aren’t really natural.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions consist of thick bunches of hair that are attached near your actual hair roots in a way that it blends with your natural hair. They are used to add both length and thickness to your hair. Hair extensions can be made up of both natural hair and synthetic hair, whichever you prefer to opt for. The quality of natural hair will undoubtedly be far better and will blend much easily with your natural hair, thereby leaving no room for doubt otherwise.

The cost will however be much higher in case of hair extensions that use natural hair compared to synthetic hair extensions. Extensions using natural hair, however, take more effort to maintain and are likely to get tangled at times. Synthetic hair extensions, on the hand is much cheaper and will not require as much maintenance. They however don’t look as natural as natural hair extensions and are a good option only if you want a temporary change in your hairstyle.

What are the types of hair extensions available?

Tape-in hair extensions:

These are perhaps the easiest form of hair extensions. These consist of wefts of hair and are stuck with the help of single or double-sided polyurethane tapes that are tailored to fit you. These can range anywhere between 1.5 to 8 inches long depending upon your desired length and remain stuck and sandwiched between layers of your hair. They are likely to last for 4 to 6 weeks and take approximate one and a half hours to get done.

The advantages of these kind of extensions are they don’t need the usage of heat to attach and are spread over your entire head so the strain on your scalp is minimized. These give you a natural look. It is however important that you allow the adhesive to dry for at least two days before you wet your hair or undertake any activity that can lead to sweating. The use of oil needs to be avoided too to prevent the extensions from slipping off.

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Micro ring extensions:

Micro-ring extensions consist of small bunches of hair that are looped along with bunches of your natural hair which is followed by clamping with a metal bead with the help of a pair of clamps. These take 4 to 5 hours to apply and could last up to 3 months.

They are likely to blend with your natural hair and it is much easier to wash your hair. Besides, they can also be adjusted upwards and downwards, the way you would like. However there are certain problems associated with this type of extension. They can put strain on your hair so it’s advisable that you avoid this if you have fine or brittle hair since they are much more prone to breakage. It’s important to be careful when removing them since they can cause damage to hair otherwise. Professional help is advised.

Hot fusion hair extensions:

This is the most time-consuming method of hair extensions and must be avoided unless you are getting it done by someone who is an absolute pro at this job. This method involves the use of a keratin U-tip bond which is lined with silicone, that helps protect your hair against heat damage. The extension is fused with your natural hair with the help of a heating tool. The silicone lining will protect your hair from heat damage.

This can take up to 8 hours to get done and will last up to 6 months. Once the keratin dries clear, the location at which the extensions are attached to your natural hair are not really visible, thus giving a complete natural look to your hair. You are likely to experience some headache or discomfort for a few days post application. This can last really long if maintained properly.

Weaving hair extensions:

As the name suggests, these extensions are sewed into your hair. This procedure starts off by braiding your hair very close to your scalp. After that, the extensions are sewed into these braids with the help of needles and cotton thread. This procedure takes 2 to 4 hours and will last up to 3 months if proper care is taken. This however does not require you to avoid oiling or styling products on your hair.

It’s recommended for those having thick hair so that the weaving is concealed and is likely to add tons of volume anyway. This is a method that requires a lot of maintenance however and might cause you to suffer from a headache and strain due to the heavy weight of the extensions. If proper care is not taken, you are likely to develop bacterial infection.

How much would hair extensions cost you?

Hot fusion hair extensions are the most expensive and can cost anywhere from $500-$4,000, depending on where you get them done. The tape-in extensions can cost anywhere between $300-$2000 and weave-in extensions are generally the cheapest form, costing around $100-$1,000.

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Follow these instructions to maximize the benefits from your hair extensions:

– It is important that you opt for good quality hair (natural or synthetic) when getting extensions because it’s better to spend a little extra to ensure that natural look and minimal damage to your real hair.

– Follow this aftercare routine in order to flaunt your extensions for long, with minimum damage: 

  • Allow the adhesive of the tape-in hair extensions to dry for at least 2 days before washing your hair.
  • Do not apply much pressure on your extensions while shampooing or detangling your hair.
  • Avoid swimming with your extensions on. This can lead to discoloration and damage your hair extensions.
  • Never sleep with your hair extensions wet.
  • Avoid using any hair care products before asking your hair expert if that is suitable for your extensions.
  • Tie your hair is a loose braid or ponytail before going to bed.
  • Visit your hair expert from time to time to make sure your extensions are fine.