Don’t worry about your worry lines!

Are you getting worried by noticing increasing lines of wrinkles on your face? Firstly, stop worrying. Do you know stress causes a person to frown quite a bit, which causes temporary forehead lines which can eventually become permanent? So worrying will add more lines on your face.

The most obvious clinical sign of aging is the increased formation of wrinkles and deficiency in elasticity. With passing of years, the skin loses both collagen and elastin and less moisture gets to the epidermis. The change induces a rough and dry surface of the skin with tendency to irritation and redness.


Why do we have wrinkles?

Skin thickness rises over the first 20 years of life, subsequently, even though the number of cell layers remains stable, adult skin thins progressively at a rate that accelerates with age. Epidermal thickness decreases at about 6.4% per decade, decreasing faster in women than in men (That’s why my mum’s wrinkles are more visible than my dad’s). As the skin gets thinner and less elastic, it becomes more prone to damage, wrinkles and lines.


Common reasons for pre-mature wrinkles

Between 30-35 years, the collagen and elastin start to break down which is the start of thinness and eventually wrinkles. However, some of us show the sign of wrinkles even before that. The following reasons are majorly responsible for it:

  • Exposure to Sunlight – Though sunshine help us in providing the much required Vitamin D, however past 20 minutes of the sun rays, without a protection, can cause skin aging fast.
  • Smoking – Smoking cigarettes cause dryness and discolor of the skin. Nicotine in the cigarettes, reduces blood flow, because of which the skin doesn’t get as much oxygen and important nutrients.
  • Stress – High level of stress leaves worry marks on your face.
  • Underweight – There is always a societal pressure to maintain a slim figure. To achieve it at a fast pace, we get into excessive dieting, compromising on the important nutrients, and not exercising (due to shortage of time). These result into losing the natural fattiness of the skin, causing the skin to sag and forms wrinkles.


Ways to combat the problem?

Thanks to the advancement of medical sciences, Wrinkle Injections have become popular and effective in removal of wrinkles. There are a few options like Botox, cosmetic fillers and other injectables.

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