Canadian pharmaceutical products

How Canadian pharmaceutical products can save you tons of money

Canadian pharmaceutical products can offer huge cost savings to Americans, argues our guest writer Dylan Waller, a US citizen who has lived in Asia for many years and recently moved back to the US. 

Canadian pharmaceutical products offer huge cost savings for Americans 


Many people in the United States could significantly benefit from purchasing pharmaceutical products from Canada, as these products can often be purchased for roughly 10-20% of the cost of drugs purchased in the United States in some cases.  These low cost benefits are highly appealing for individuals that are uninsured or for other people that have a basic insurance plan that does not cover enough of the cost of their medication. If you are living in the United States and have a medical issue it is very important to check the price of Canadian pharmaceutical products to see if this would allow you to save money on prescription drugs.


I unfortunately learned this the hard way after having serious health issues during 2018 and having to pay for medication out of pocket.  I was very happy to note that the hospital in Vietnam sold affordable pharmaceutical products and that the cost was lower than what I would have had to pay in the United States.  However, I needed to return to the United States for health reasons and was very concerned about the high cost of this medication in the United States, so I flew back to the United States with a 6 months supply ( I knew that this medication could cost a lot in the United States without insurance).  


Luckily, the doctor I met in Vietnam told me about companies that specialize in selling Canadian pharmaceutical products to American citizens.  In my case, I had the option to purchase pharmaceutical products from a company in Canada for around 10-20% of what I would have paid in the United States. There are a large number of websites that focus on selling Canadian pharmaceutical products to people from the US and customers can order a wide variety of drugs after uploading a copy of a prescription from a doctor in the US.  This allows patients to have the comfort of seeing a doctor in their home country and then searching the marketplace for the cheapest option, whether that be in Canada or the United States.


How do you buy Canadian pharmaceutical products?

There are a large number of websites that focus on selling Canadian pharmaceutical products to the United States.  One interesting website to check out is Canada Drugs Direct, which focuses on providing customers from the United States with Canadian pharmaceutical products.  The company only ships to US customers, which are required to fax a prescription before placing an order.  The company provides free shipping to the United States and allows customers to order a 3 month supply of any type of medication.  This is a viable option for many people that would like to save money on prescription drugs. The only minor setback is that it can take 10-20 days to ship the product so it is essential to plan in advance.  

Cost of Select Canadian Pharmaceutical Products


Drug Description Cost
Cialis Ed medication $128 for 28 2.5 mg tablets
Entocort Treats mild to moderate Crohn’s’s Disease $192 for 100 3mg tablets
Qualaquin Malaria medication $24 for 28 200mg tablets
Cymbalta Treats major depressive disorder and anxiety $79.20 for 28 30mg capsules
Advair Diskus Treats asthma and bronchitis $64 for 100/50 60 dose
Spiriva Treatment for bronchospasm $44 for generic 18mcg with rotahaler 30 capsules
Abilify Antipsychotic $115 for 28 5mg tablets
Symbicort Medical inhaler $93.79 for 80/4.5mcg MDI 120 dose
Zetia Cholesterol medication $66 for 28 10mg tablets
Asacol Treats inflammatory bowel disease $79 for 100 400mg tablets
Propecia Hair loss medication $64 for 28 1mg tablets
Celebrex Treats arthritis $54.40 for 60 100mg capsules
Flomax Relax muscles in the prostate and bladder neck $41 for 30 0.4mg tablets

Source: Canada Drugs Direct

As seen above, this website offers a wide variety of products at a very low cost.  The list below includes some of the most common pharmaceutical products that the company sells to customers from the United States.  It is very interesting to note that the average monthly cost for this medication is often lower than the average health insurance premium in the United States and that the amount represents a relatively low % of minimum wage in the United States.

One of the most interesting factors to note is that there is a massive price discrepancy between pharmaceutical products in Canada and pharmaceutical products in the United States, which reflects the inefficiency of the US market.  Some notable cases that I found are as follows:

– Antipsychotic medication can often cost $300-600/month in the United States depending on the brand and the dose.  However, a month’s supply could be purchased for between $100-200/month in some cases on this website or less than $100/month if you take a lower dose.

– Entocort costs around $24 per 3mg unit, while this same drug could be purchased for $2 per 3mg unit in Canada.

– A 1 month supply of zetia costs around $369/month in the United States compared to $66 when purchased in Canada.

These are several examples and the key takeaway is that Canadian pharmaceutical products are generally much cheaper and they can be a solid option for some people in the United States.  In some cases, this may not be necessary if a generic version is available at a similar cost or if a person is able to receive the medication for free or at a reduced cost through their insurance or medicaid.  Moreover, the free market in the United States has provided some solutions and there are companies in the United States that sell pharmaceutical products at a lower cost ( will post more about this in our next blog post).


Conclusion: If the cost of drugs in the US is breaking your bank, look overseas


Whatever your medical situation is, you deserve the highest quality option at the lowest cost available and this can easily be achieved by comparing the rates of pharmaceutical products globally.   We have identified Canada as one key market that can help people in the United States save money on prescription drugs until the market in the United States becomes more transparent and efficient. There are a large number of companies in Canada that sell pharmaceutical products to US customers. Moreover, India is another viable option that we will be covering in additional blog posts.  We hope that considering these three options, on top of what your doctor in the United States recommends, will provide you with a viable solution to save money on prescription drugs.