cheek fat reduction

Things To Know About Cheek Fat Reduction

A cheek fat reduction procedure can greatly improve your facial appearance. It not only gives a sculpted, youthful look but also accentuates the facial features and makes the overall appearance more attractive. Along with the jaw, the cheeks play an important part in defining a V-line face shape. Chubby cheeks or “baby cheeks” (caused by excess fat in the lower cheeks, also called buccal fat pads) usually detract from a V-line face as they make the mid-face wider. Fortunately, these buccal fat pads (cheek fat) can be removed using a simple cosmetic surgery procedure. With this procedure, cheekbones can be better defined, giving the face a more chiselled look.


Who can benefit from this procedure?

– People who have plump cheeks with a lot of flesh or fat deposits.

– People whose cheeks are bulging as if they’re chewing a round hard candy.

– People who have droopy cheeks or sagging jowls.

– People who have a round face.

What is the procedure for buccal fat pads removal (cheek fat reduction)?

The buccal fat pads removal surgery is performed under local anaesthesia with medications (if needed) to reduce anxiety and pain. The procedure will take less than one hour.

To begin the procedure, a small incision (1 – 1.5cm) will be made inside the mouth. The fat tissue deep inside the jowl can be exposed through the incision. The surgeon will then carefully eliminate the unnecessary fat in the patient’s jowl and control the bleeding meticulously. Once the procedure is done, the surgeon will stitch the mucous membrane incision with dissolvable threads.

Buccal fat pads removal can be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as cheekbone or malar reduction to further enhance the facial contours and help patients achieve a permanent V-line facial shape.


The recovery process and precautions after the procedure

This is considered a simple procedure so the patient can be discharged from the hospital on the same day the surgery is performed. Recovery following a buccal fat pads removal procedure involves little to no downtime. By doing a minimum incision inside of your mouth, the result will look natural and leave no visible external scar at all.

Some patients may experience swelling and bruising which will subside on their own in a couple of days after the procedure with the help of ice packs. The full result will be visibly seen once all swellings have subsided after a couple of weeks.

Soft foods and healthy drinks such as thin rice gruel, fresh juice, un-sweetened milk and drinkable liquid foods are highly recommended for the first two weeks after the procedure as these types of food can be easily chewed and digested.

It is also advised to wear compression bands for 3-4 days after the surgery and avoid bending down the head or lying on the stomach while sleeping as this will impede drainage of fluid from the area where the surgery was performed.


The cost of buccal fat pads removal (cheek fat reduction)

Buccal fat pads removal cost ranges from USD 1000 to USD 6000 with an average cost of USD 2400. Costs vary by surgeon, geographic region, and the complexity of the procedure.