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How To Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility For Your Loved One

Choosing an assisted living facility for your loved ones can be a daunting task. You hope you can always care for the senior members of your family for as long as possible. But as they age, there are some things they may need help with 24/7, such as cooking, bathing, eating, taking medications, or going to the bathroom, and you may not be available by their side throughout. And in some cases, they may have health concerns and care requirements that need to be attended to. At such a point, taking them to an assisted living facility can be an option worth considering.

To ensure your loved one is well taken care of, looking for the right assisted living facility is crucial. Ideally, it’s recommended to choose one with state-of-the-art amenities to give them the care and assistance they need. A facility with a wide range of activities to keep your loved one active and other residents to communicate with is also preferable. 

Furthermore, here are some tips you may consider when choosing the right assisted living facility for your loved one:


Consider The Amenities Offered at the Assisted Living Facility


When choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one, consider opting for one that can provide them with the premium comfort they deserve. After all, you only want the best for their health and wellness. You’d want them to feel at home and relaxed while ensuring they’re looked after well.

Different facilities offer various ranges of services and amenities. And so, to help you choose one that will suit your loved one best, checking the features each facility offers can be a good starting point.

For instance, some facilities offer round-the-clock access to a physician and physical therapy room. Others also feature resort-like amenities and entertainment opportunities that can give off a home-away-from-home vibe. Or perhaps, you’re concerned with their diet. Some facilities serve extraordinary dishes that can give your loved ones the nutrition they need to remain strong and healthy. You can check this recommended site to learn more about the luxurious retirement living experience you can get for your senior loved one. 

Furthermore, take the time to read reviews from previous clients on the facility’s websites to ascertain the quality of care and service they offer. Only go for the ones with glowing reviews to ensure your loved one will be in the right hands and that they’ll have a tranquil and enjoyable stay in the facility.



Check The Cleanliness


Besides the amenities they’re offering, the overall surroundings of the assisted living facility should be clean and tidy. Perhaps your loved one is used to having a clean environment; you’d want to continue the same norm for them. Thus, check from the outside to the inside to see if their surroundings and interior are sparkling clean and clutter-free.

Remember, aged and sickly people are more vulnerable to unhygienic conditions, as they can quickly contract infections. With that, ensure the facility doesn’t have mold on the walls and fixtures or roaches roaming freely. You can also interview the staff regarding their cleaning and maintenance schedule to ensure the place remains clean and healthy to be at.



Get To Know The Caregivers And Staff


As you do your research, consider having a one-on-one chat with caregivers and staff to get an insight into their attitude toward their residents. Ideally, they should cater to the residents in the most sensitive and caring way and show passion for their work. For instance, perhaps your loved one wants to handle and do things according to how they’re used to it; they should be able to do it without being dismissed. 

Also, try speaking to the residents and getting an idea of their experience and how they find their stay. This can give you a more or less idea of what to expect and how your loved one will be taken care of.

Taking your dear one to an assisted living facility is disheartening enough. You wouldn’t want them to lead a miserable life in the hands of not-so-caring staff. Therefore, it’s only fair to do your due diligence by placing them in an excellent facility with understanding and patient staff.

And while at it, ask if they have enough staff to cater to all the residents and the staff-to-resident ratio. Check their qualifications, too, and ask if they have a nurse or physician within the facility round the clock in case of emergencies. 



Assisted Living Facility



Grab A Bite To Access Their Meal Quality


Scrutinizing the kind of meals an assisted living facility offers its clients is vital. This way, you can ensure your loved one is getting nutritious meals. With that, schedule your visit during meals, take a bite, and assess the food. You can also inquire if they can make special meals for residents with dietary problems or specific nutrition requirements.

Furthermore, take the time to ask about the meal schedules. If the meals are scheduled at specific times, ask if they’re allowed to have some snacks in between, so you can bring your loved ones their preferred snacks when visiting.


Inspect The Accommodations


Ask to see the room sizes and assess if their comfort is up to your standards. To start, you can inquire if they share the rooms or if every resident sleeps in their room. However, if your loved one is amicable, you can consider asking if they can get a roommate of similar nature to them. You can also ask if the rooms have personal kitchens and bathrooms or if they’ll be shared with the others. 

There should also be amenities to enable residents to move around, such as wheelchairs, elevators, or widened doors. Moreover, you can also check if its interior promotes a conducive and relaxing space. For instance, what’s the color of the room? Does it allow an ample amount of natural light in? Are the seating and bed options cozy? All these can help enhance comfort and peace of mind.



Assess The Community Culture


You’d want to put your loved one in a place that offers a variety of activities for residents to participate in. For instance, if your beloved loves reading, ask if the facility has a library with books they love. Or if they have outdoor spaces for gardening. Additionally, you can walk in on one of the group activities residents participate in to see the typical mood. It’s best if the participants are cheerful and sociable with one another.



Compare Cost To Get An Affordable One


As mentioned earlier, looking into different assisted living facilities before settling on one is best. You can sample a few within your locality and compare prices, so you pick an affordable one with high-quality services. If an insurance cover can cater to such, you can take advantage and use it. Ultimately, you only want your loved one to receive high-quality care. 



Pick an Assisted Living Facility That Is Close To Home


Lastly, an assisted facility close to home enables you to keep in touch with your loved one more frequently. You won’t have to take long drives to see them. You’ll also be able to adjust very quickly to such an arrangement, given you won’t have to shift residences.


Conclusion: How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility

Having your loved one in the right assisted living facility lets you relax and can give you peace of mind since you’ll know they’re safe and well cared for. And to help you pick the right place, consider the tips outlined above as you choose one. You’ll find your loved one happy and physically strong whenever you visit the facility.