Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT): The New Treatment Of Choice

Tumor-Specific, Patient-Customized, Organ-Targeted Motion in Real Time

In the hands of experts, many of the world’s leading oncologists are employing the unique capabilities of SBRT, providing the maximum precision and potency needed to treat a variety of aggressive cancers that have defied conventional radiation therapy techniques. Medisetter partner hospital, Sunway Cancer and Radiosurgery Center uses this form of Radiation Therapy with TrueBeamStx Linear Accelerator to treat tumors in the lungs, liver and spine with pinpoint accuracy.

What is SBRT?
SBRT is a highly precise form of radiation therapy to target tumor in the lung, prostate, spine and liver where delivery is accurate to within one millimeter. SBRT is a non-surgical treatment that delivers precisely targeted radiation at much higher doses, in only few days of treatment, as compared to weeks of traditional radiation therapy.

What are the advantages of SBRT?

The key advantages of SBRT are alternative to surgery, shorter treatment time, pinpoint accuracy, better outcome and less complication.