Safe and Affordable Emergency Care While Traveling Abroad

Hello Travelers!

Good friend of mine, Anirban (Ani) Lahiri, CEO of, asked me to begin regularly sharing my perspective on medical tourism/cross-border healthcare, so I thought I would kick things off on a topic that is near and dear to me – Safe and Affordable Emergency Care While Traveling Abroad.

I’d like to preface the (very important) point that the MediSetter platform does not just cater to travelers, however, the need is one that I thought should not go understated.  I’ve had the fortune of having traveled to 45 countries and 150+ cities across the globe… most of which that happened while on business travel and while I was in my 20’s, so emergency care was not a concern of mine.

As I have now entered my mid-30’s and awaiting the birth of my second daughter, the fear of someone in my family falling ill while in a foreign country is very real, as is the cost implication!  While traveling abroad, it is always good practice to have some key things in order, documented and translated to the language spoken in the destination country:

  • Notification of travel to credit cards and banks
  • Leisure Travel Insurance or Short-term International Medical Insurance
  • List of medical conditions and prescriptions
  • List of trusted family members and contact information

Having these critical items in order allows you to focus on the most important thing in the event of an emergency: finding safe and affordable emergency care.

Safe traveling!

– Eyhab A.